WP Thesis Skins are one of the best skins in the world!

WPTHESISSKINS are the best Thesis skins in the world! Why? Read the following article to know the real beauty in WPTHESISSKINS.

They are the best suitable skins on the platform of Thesis particularly for the beginners. Easy to use and simple to customise, make them most popular skins among all skins in the world. Further, they are very much Google friendly. Read the following article to know more about the skins and DON’T EVER GET MISGUIDED.

I am a customer of THEMEDY as well and I have been using THEMEDY skins since last two and half years or so on my number of domains.

However, THEMEDY and WPTHESISSKINS cannot be compared together, both of them have their own identity and that both are superb to use. Just saying, can you compare the two flowers of ROSE and JASMIN…?

Check the results of WPTHESISSKINS and THEMEDY on my number of following domains:

  1. http://www.vsagar.org/ – using WPTHESISSKIN
  2. http://store.vsagar.org/ – using THEMEDY skin
  3. http://yashvidyasagar.com/ – using WPTHESISSKIN
  4. http://vidyasagarsir.com/ – using THEMEDY skin
  5. http://meeegsakola.org/ – using WPTHESISSKIN
  6. http://safehandsakola.org/ – using WPTHESISSKIN
  7. http://autocrateduinst.org/ – using THEMEDY skin
  8. http://nathshaktipeeth.org/ – using WPTHESISSKIN
  9. http://edgedentalpg.com/ – using WPTHESISSKIN

So in my view, the article given on”Byobwebsite” has completely a biased opinion and views. I may add further that, after reading the complete VIDEO TRANSCRIPT on”Byobwebsite”, I saw that there is only one mentioning of “php errors” thrown in the installation of the skins. No more mistakes technically pointed out.

When “Byobwebsite” is putting allegations on WPTHESISSKINS, then the errors must be technically explained. Just saying that such and such errors are there doesn’t give clear idea about the errors and coding to a technically – and codingly! sound person like me.

I, therefore, challenge the author of this article on”Byobwebsite”, to point out the problems within the coding in the skin BUSINESS-4, which I am using quite satisfactorily on my domain http://edgedentalpg.com/ without any vulnarability or errors.

Just point out the script lakunas and let me see it…!

What is more that “Byobwebsite” has made the video in this article available as premium content. The people who use the Thesis skins just at the user end cannot spend enough time in reading the Video Transcript and in hurry, may come to the conclusion that – ok, leave the WPTHESISSKINS! We shall go for something else…! So if there are really any serious problems in coding and scripts in WPTHESISSKINS, then “Byobwebsite” must open up this discussion so that the people like me will start a real and healthy discussion on this. If you take the point of coding and scripts then tell me which skin is perfect….??

I have written this article, to cross the points given in this article at Byobwebsite. I would say that when you is imposing allegations of WPTHESISSKINS, then you must explain the reasons for it. But, when I contacted the owner of WPTHESISSKINS, he told me that he had been sending emails to “Byobwebsite”, asking to explain the reasons of these allegations, since last eight months, but the “Byobwebsite” owner is silent and never ever replied back to the owner of WPTHESISSKINS.

So in my view, the so called objection given in “Byobwebsite” is purely inclined. So far as using the WPTHESISSKINS is concerned, I have been using many of them on many of my domains with ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM.

I never came across any php errors,in about 100’s of my installations on different domains, which”Byobwebsite” is mentioning. However, being the customer of WPTHESISSKINS, I admit that sometimes, its support mechanism is rather slow, else there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM. On the contrary, I would like to encourage people to go for WPTHESISSKINS and THEMEDY as well, since their results are fantastic, particularly on Google Page Speed – you can check it by putting my following domains in Google Page Speed Test.

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  1. Nirmala

    Hi Vidyasagar sir,

    Thanks for your kind words on WPThesisSkins. I too purchased their WordPress themes and I didn’t face any issues till now. I would say that they provide a good customer support whenever needed.

    Glad that you have installed WPThesisskins on various domains.

    1. Thank you so much, Nirmala Ma’m.
      Actually I first contacted the designer of WPTHESISSKINS Mr. Sakthi. He told me that he was also aware of this article of ”Byobwebsite” and he already contacted the ”Byobwebsite”, since last 8 months, with no reply at all.
      Some Americans, like ”Byobwebsite”, are so cunning, that they published this adverse post about WPTHESISSKINS, never contacted the owner of the skins, about the issue they were facing, which in turn started creating adverse effect on the sale.
      Since me too using the skins without any problem, I thought, being an Indian, its my duty to express deep sense of gratitude for the great work done by Mr. Sakthi.
      So thank you very much for your beautiful comment.
      Being Indian I personally request you to boost this post socially, so that lots of Indian customers who are interested to buy WPTHESISSKINS will understand the reality behind this cunning plot, did by ”Byobwebsite”.
      Thanks once again.

    2. Can you also give your domains on which you installed WPTHESISSKINS?

  2. Nirmala

    Hi sir,

    Thanks for your great words on Sakthi, he is my best friend. I got connected with him through the inspiring blogger, Harsh Agarwal of ShoutMeLoud. Sure, I’ll share the post on my network.

    I’m not using the thesis theme right now, I switched over to Genesis framework for my blog, MyMagicFundas.

    Thank you sir.

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